genU Training was established in 1998 to support learners with disability to access education and training.

We are a leader in the development of courses to assist learners with intellectual disability and permanent cognitive impairment, and a major stakeholder in the community sector, skilling the future workforce in areas such as disability, ageing and mental health.

Each of our processes targets these learners as outlined below:

Marketing and Recruitment

genU Training’s marketing activities encourage learners with disability and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to access government subsidised training. We provide learners with accurate and accessible information about our services and performance to assist them in making informed decisions about their current and future learning. To ensure all marketing activities are of the highest standard and that the student’s best interests are protected, genU Training does not employ third parties to represent the RTO, whether that be in the marketing, delivery, or assessment of accredited training. genU Training works closely with referring parties including internal branches of genU, government agencies, and community service providers to reach and assist those most in need.


The enrolment process targets those in particular need of assistance, allowing for the inclusion of supports and individualised learning plans to assist learners to navigate their studies. Our Learner handbook outlines our commitment to access and equity, reasonable adjustment and learner welfare and support options. Learners are taken through an assessment process to determine their language, literacy and numeracy skills, allowing genU Training to develop particularised supports to develop learners’ core skill needs. genU Training is committed to aligning prospective learners’ interests, skills and aspiration with the most suitable training and education opportunities.

Support and Progression

genU Training courses are designed and timetabled to encourage accessibility and support for learners. Embedded within each scheduled timetable are pre and post-training support sessions along with provision of additional one-to-one support and/or group-based sessions. Support to learners with disability includes, but is not limited to, working closely with genU Training’s external and internal stakeholders, including disability support workers, carers, community entities and state-based agencies. Our robust mechanisms for collecting feedback enable us to monitor progress and embed responsive and timely intervention support strategies.

Training and Assessment

genU Training is the pre-eminent provider of foundations skills courses specifically designed for learners with intellectual disability and permanent cognitive impairment. We have been at the forefront of the development, implementation and evaluation of 22294VIC Course in Initial Adult Literacy and Numeracy and 22293VIC Certificate I in Initial Adult Literacy and Numeracy. Complementing these courses, we provide 22301VIC Certificate I in Transition Education and 22302VIC Certificate I in Work Education. The provision of these accredited courses enables our learners to access uniquely supported opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. genU Training is proud to have nationally recognised staff in the field of special education who have been at the forefront of this niche field and instrumental in the development of these courses.  

In conjunction to this, genU Training provides education and training targeted at skilling the future workforce in the domains of community services, including disability and ageing. We monitor and assist the progress of learners with disability and from disadvantaged backgrounds through the entry points and duration of these courses, by providing individualised supports. We are committed to being responsive to feedback and acting on continuous improvement opportunities to ensure quality, accessibility for learner cohorts and to enhance the learner experience.


All learners are protected by genU Training’s commitment to train and assess thoroughly against Training Package and quality framework requirements. Governance processes are in place to ensure that certification documents are delivered to learners in a timely and accurate manner. genU Training values learner feedback and embeds continuous improvement mechanisms for the collection and dissemination of such data to meet the unique needs of our learners.